The Berthoud Arts and Humanities Alliance (BAHA) was formed nearly 20 years ago to promote local artists and to provide art in public places.

BAHA has provided support for local art in many ways, from financial support to the Wildfire Theater Company to adorning the town with murals. Among the first large projects undertaken were the murals which adorn the Berthoud Athletic Club, the Little Thompson Pioneer Museum and the east side of the Maggi Building at Third Street and Mountain Avenue.

Nearly a decade ago the group inaugurated the ArtScapes program to bring sculpture to Berthoud. The first three pieces were sculpture on loan, then artists Dan Ostermiller and Bruce Fickel donated permanent pieces which grace the east side of Fickel Park.

In 2005, the small group undertook their biggest project to date and one that had been a dream since the founding of the organization. The gigantic mural “Berthoud’s Roots,” which adorns the old grain elevator, was completed in six months and the dedication on November 12, 2005 coincided with the 98th birthday of major benefactor, Helen Fickel. The mural has become the symbol of Berthoud.

In 2007, the group had the opportunity to purchase the life size “Walrus and Calf” sculpture that had been on loan in Fickel Park. This sculpture has been extremely popular with children of all ages and will now remain in the park for future generations to enjoy.

In 2017 BAHA commission and installed “Spirit Totems” by Katy Diver., beautiful and welcoming all visitors outside in the garden of our Berthoud Public Library.

The past and present members of BAHA are proud of their contribution to the beauty and uniqueness of Berthoud. Consider joining us in our efforts.